Thursday, 7 June 2007

Parcel excitement!

Don't you always get excited when the postman arrives? I know it's not just me! Well this morning he brought me a lovely little package from the ladies at Swoon. I stumbled across their shop a while back but then re-visited it recently. They sell THE most gorgeous underwear and of course being on Etsy it is all handmade. Anyway, I haven't actually ordered anything from them yet but I asked for one of their badges that I'd seen on the blog. Anyway, not only did I get three badges but I got some lovely postcards too.

I'm afraid the photo's of the badges didn't come out too well as I am lazy and didn't want to unpin them from the dress I pinned them to this morning!!


Swoon said...

Lynsey, thank you so much for your kind words about Swoon! You are welcome to look at our pants any time you like! Gerry :-)

picklesticks said...

I also love it when the mail comes. Especially if I am expecting something good!