Monday, 25 June 2007

Busy, busy, busy!

All I seem to be doing at the moment is making chickens - well getting the bits all ready to be made then frantically running around the house looking for the invisible thread that goes in my machine!! I found it on the side in the front room thankfully! I've got three chickens ready to be sewn so hopefully that will be done this afternoon when Tara is down for her nap. One is a commission order that might lead to retail sales (watch this space!) and one has been sold through Tuggle. The other is for a secret project that I can't post about yet - I will be able to show it off to you soon. I also need to make up some more to put on both Tuggle and Etsy.

I managed to finish the knitting needle bracelets I was making the other day for another commission order (don't you just love commissions!?) Here's a photo of them all - 20 in total.

Anyway - hopefully there will be another post later on to show you the chickens. Got to get my jeans back on now (been in my jama's all morning cos my jeans were wet through) to go out in the pouring rain to collect Anya from nursery - I think I'm going in the car!


julia said...

I'm having my 3 hour respite from my 2 year old so what do I do - blog that's what, sod the housework! Love the bracelets adn the chickens you clever thing!

Julia x

Sarah and Jack said...

They are terrific!