Friday, 15 June 2007

Follow on.....

......from yesterdays very brief post!! It has been hectic these past couple of days. I had to send off some of my stock - well one bag really - for a craft fair that is happening in London this weekend. James, the guy organising it, is having one craft stall at this event and he wanted some of my stuff. I've sent off some business cards too so hopefully I can get some business from that. I've sold 2 lots of recycled envelopes on Etsy which is good because I wasn't sure how well they would sell. The ones I've sold were these French Interiors ones to America so I'll just have to go back to France and get some more!!

I also sold 8 of my knitting needle bracelets and then the lady came back to me and said she wanted 12 more! So I'm going to be busy this weekend..... Here are the needles that she wants making into bracelets.

I've also had a request to make two birthday cards so that is on my list of things to do as well! Even though I am crossing lots of things off the list it seems to be getting longer and longer.

My friend has also just had her baby at 2.38 this morning at home! It's a little baby boy as yet un-named. I'm hopefully going to see her tomorrow so I will be able to unveil the present I have made for her once she has got it!

Oh - there are also some new things in the shop - go buy!!


Sarah and Jack said...

Congratulations on the bracelet sales. Is there a photo of them somewhere so I can see one?

Swirlyarts said...

Hopefully there will be soon - I'll let you know when I post a picture!