Monday, 11 June 2007

Busy weekend

Well I've been away this weekend at the in laws helping out with the church's annual garden party which is held in their garden. I'll have to see if I can dig up some photographs of their garden as we didn't take any this weekend. We were just so busy. Food is served at the party and people used to queue up at the kitchen door to get their food. However, last year people had to wait for ages for their food and more often than not they got to the front and what they wanted had sold out. So this year Pat sold some tickets before the day and people requested their food. This was great as we knew that 39 people wanted coronation chicken, 30 salmon etc etc so we plated it up for them and they just told us when they sat down. Also we had waitresses this time and although it was very, very hectic it worked quite well. I'd forgotten how much I hated being a waitress!!

Now this photo was taken a couple of years ago so it actually look quite bare round the pond - it has filled out a lot since then!! I don't have any more decent photo's of the garden so this will have to do I'm afraid. Needless to say I took lots of craft stuff to do but none of it got done as we were all very tired and wine had been drunk so I didn't trust myself with the guillotine!!

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