Monday, 13 April 2009

Another Toy Society drop

This little alien went out into the world today to be dropped for The Toy Society :) She has been made for a while but I haven't had chance to get her out until today.

We took her up to Clowbridge reservoir near us and tied her to a gate. There is a circular route around the reservoir that is popular with walkers, joggers and families with children so we thought it would be a great place to drop her.

And here she is in her setting - I think she quite enjoyed the view of the reservoir!

And the best bit - when we had walked around the reservoir (it took us about an hour as Tara has little legs!) we saw a little girl playing with the alien so we knew she has been found - yeah!! It always worries me that they will just hang there forever and not be appreciated!

*Can you spot which photograph Matt took? The camera I use is his and he understands all the settings much better than I do and I have been using it with the tungsten setting which is really meant for use under spotlights! At least that explains why my photographs have been looking washed out! You learn something new every day :)


Kitty Ballistic said...

Oh wow, that's so cute. And I'm pleased she found a new home so quickly. I confess, I'd feel the same as you, worrying and feeling bad that the toys would be sat there, unwanted for ages. Well, not your toys, obviously, but you know....*vague*

I'll stop typing now. :-D

CurlyPops said...

What a lovely spot to drop a toy. Great view!