Saturday, 4 April 2009

Meet Sidney the squid

Isn't he cute? He is what I have made today for use what you have month*

Sidney (don't ever call him Sid as he is quite snooty and he doesn't like it) is made from two triangles of a felted woolly jumper. He has tentacles made from felt and wooden button eyes. He is 100% recycled - even the thread came from the scrapstore.

He is very proud of his tentacles and wanted to show them off - he has quite an ego to match his snootiness!

The real reason I went up to the craft room today was to make more business cards as I sent out my last ones to Jenny yesterday. Here they are waiting to have the thread tied off and then to be snipped. I'm at a meeting tomorrow so may not have time to create anything - I will update the blog anyway with some recent finds from my Flickr that have been (finally) making their way into my online shops.

*I'm quite enjoying use what you have month as it's making me look at what I have and I'm being more creative!


CurlyPops said...

I was in a fabric shop yesterday mesmerised by all the gorgeousness, and I thought of you, and use what you have month, and I actually resisted buying any more fabric!

ei! kumpel said...

that squid is way too cool! :)

jennyflowerblue said...

You have really inspired me. I was thinking about what I could put in the goodie bags and about 'using what I have' and as I want to cut down on my paper stock to make room for fabric I have started making bookmarks. They are such good fun....but not even making a tiny dent!!