Saturday, 18 April 2009

What we did yesterday

I thought I wouldn't have a computer today as we are away at the in-laws for the weekend but I do and the girls are outside helping Grandad plant potatoes so I have grabbed the extra time to do some of the boring jobs that need doing online, like whittle down the number of blogs in my reader to only 200! It was 280 earlier today and before Christmas was about 500 so I'm pleased to be down to 200. So while I was doing that I have been uploading the photographs of what we were doing yesterday - we called in to my mum and dad's for lunch and I took lots of photographs. Mum wasn't there though as she was at work.

There was lots of bike riding.

And sniffing of flowers

And posing with the 'Grandad gnome'!

And plenty of relaxing on mine and Dad's part!


Jennifer Rose said...

gorgeous yard :) and nice bunch of happy looking kids :)

Melanie said...

oh to have a lawn like that. I am really really envious of your dads lawn.

ei! kumpel said...

your girls are the cutest!! and they seam so happy :)