Sunday, 12 April 2009

Lucy's party

Today we are going to Anya's best friends birthday party and Tara is invited too. To say that they are excited is an understatement! It's at a local venue called It's My Party and they have a series of themed rooms - the one for this age range has a pirate ship in it for climbing and sliding and jumping and exploring. I might get to join in today as Tara may need help :) :)

Anyway - this is the card I have made for Lucy (under strict instructions from Anya of course!)

And as ever I get my fabulous toppers from Ruth at Tip Top Toppers.

I didn't make the presents myself this year but gathered the help of my friend Alex from Daisie Davies. She painted a crockery set like this for Anya's birthday and Anya loves it so I thought I would order one for Lucy too. It helped that Susan (Lucy's mum) was at Anya's party too and also thought they were great :)

I'm off for some swashbuckling fun now so I will see you tomorrow!


Ooty said...

The card is beautiful!
happy easter

Tip Top said...

Hehehe! Fab card! It makes me feel strange when I see my little people!

Hope you had a lot of fun at the party!!