Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Do you like to read in the bath?

And like me, do you keep dropping your bookmark into said bath?? Does said bookmark (be it an actual bookmark,piece of paper, tissue etc) get destroyed? Well fret no more fellow readers in the bath - I have the answer!!

The answer lies with these bookmarks from Alison at Tweed Delights. I ordered some things from her last year and got one of the bookmarks as a thank you gift and it is fabulous! It has been dropped in the bath on numerous occasions (normally to the sound of expletives that I won't repeat here) and every single time, whether it has been dunked for seconds or minutes, it has dried out perfectly. Every time. The tweed has stayed put, the cardboard hasn't bobbled - even the sticker on the back is seemingly resistant to water* Fellow bath readers, rejoice! I have found the answer to soggy pieces of paper and bookmarks!

*Conclusive tests not undertaken - not recommended to be held under water for long periods of time.

Seriously - go and buy things from Alison - she is nice :)


Tweed Thoughts said...

Wow, that's amazing - I didn't know that, haha!! :D I like the 'disclaimer' at the end :)

Thankyou Lynsey - for making a new 'tweedie' discovery - Harris Tweed is very resilient of course! :D x

june at noon said...

Alison is awesome. She even invents waterproof bookmarks without realizing it!