Thursday, 22 July 2010

My Creative Space

Has been taken over this morning by two crafty little girls. We were up at 6.45am starting the end of school year teacher presents! Well the jam had been made earlier in the week but the cards and other presents were made/written this morning.

The class teachers got a jar of homemade raspberry jam (the girls picked the raspberries and helped me make the jam) a notebook with their picture on it (lovingly drawn by the girls) and a card (eagle eyed readers will recognise them as leftover party invites from Tara's party!) Above are Anya's class teachers presents - Mrs A - we love her!

And here are the presents for Tara's teacher Mrs W. We love her too :)

And the teaching assistants get a notebook with their picture on it too. They were going to have jam (goodness knows we picked enough raspberries!) but I didn't have enough jars! We are taking them up today so hopefully the teachers will be appreciative!

See the queen of creative spaces here - Kootoyoo.


byebyebirdie said...

They are very cute notebooks. Great idea. I was asking for gift ides for teachers on my blog. I know my kids love to be involved with the making of special gifts.

A Deegan said...

ah what lucky teachers!

Glassprimitif said...

So much nicer than bubble bath or chocolates.

Twiggy said...

ooo lovely, we got Twiglets bead box out and made his teachers and teaching assistant bracelets, they loved them !!
Twiggy x

Luna said...

Oh those notebooks are so cute!

june at noon said...

What great gifts. I particularly like the notebook idea. Filing that away.