Saturday, 17 July 2010

More nice post!

I can't believe that I fogot to post about some goodies that came through my door last week (or maybe the week before) Sorry Laura!

I won Laura's giveaway! Yay me! And that giveaway was for 4 fabulous Eastenders cards. I don't watch Easties now but used to years ago and Ethel was one of my favourite characters - along with Little Wille too :) And I actually like some of Pat's earrings and would wear them which is quite a scary thought!

But not only did I get the 4 cards (which will be framed and not defiled with handwriting of any sort!) but I also got a pinwheel brooch kit too which will come in handy in my self imposed blogging (and most craft) exile which is coming up in August. More about that later.

Laura had decided that she wasn't going to do any more Eastenders craft items as she wanted to branch out - and look she has! My two favourite things in her shop right now are these below (although I am quite partial to that Hulder print)

Bunting in a box - squuuuuueeeee!

And this fabulous test card girl and clown.

Thanks again Laura and sorry for the delay in posting this :)


GiddyStuff said...

I definately want to see what the pinwheel brooch looks like, what lovely goodies.

june at noon said...

Lucky you!

That bunting in a box is a very cute idea.

Twiggy said...

lovely !!
Twiggy x

dropstitch said...

Thanks for the lovely words, Lynsey! I'm glad you liked your goodies, though you should know I would never have allowed you to win if I'd known you'd abandoned EastEnders ;)