Thursday, 29 July 2010

My Creative Space

Remember the fabric strips from Monday? Well I've only gone and ironed them and started making something! And I said it would take a year - pah! :)

I had a definate plan for these rectangles but it keeps changing so I am going to leave them on my table for a while to see when inspiration strikes. The grey below the rectangles is a wool blanket type material that I picked up from Sams thinking it was felt but it is much better and I'm going to have to look for more!

And these are the fabrics I am working on today (and hoping the first bit will be finished today too) I tried to budle them up artfully but it looked rubbish so here they are laying on the floor :) There will be no wip shot for this piece of work as it is going to be a birthday gift for a little boy who turns 1 at the very start of September and I think his mum reads my blog!

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Laura aka LobsterLove said...

lovely exciting bits of fabric :D

CurlyPops said...

They're such cute offcuts. I wonder where they originally came from?

Hannelore said...

I wish we had a scrapstore...I have access to only one tiny craftstore and they're good but limited. No chabce of great bargains like you got.

june at noon said...

Such great bits, so glad you can make good use of them.