Monday, 26 July 2010

Fabric strips - mmmmmm

Don't they all look dreamy there drying on the washing line?

I got these fabric strips from the scrapstore on Saturday and I initially only picked up a couple as I was going to use them for my handmade business cards. However, an idea struck so I grabbed all the bits that I could see that didn't have selvedge along one side (and thinking of it I should have grabbed those bits too!) The idea has stuck and you may see the fruits of this idea by this time next year, going by my track record anyway! Btw the whole lot of these cost me £1 - yep for two washing lines full!

I also grabbed these wool offcuts as they are the perfect size for either chicken doorstops or pincushions. The wool is deliciously soft but firm and I can't wait to get making with these :) Louise said that they had rolls and rolls of this a while back but it all sold - good job I make good use of scraps!


Catherine said...

Oh my, those strips look amazing! I've got strip envy! There is a fab looking shower curtain in one Anna Maria Horner's books which uses ragged strips like that - looks SOOOO cool, I always want to have a go at it! Amongst the 943 projects in my head of course!

GiddyStuff said...

It looks so pretty, a shame to take them off the line!
And don't worry about the time scale, i'm all for Slow Crafting (the fabric version of the Slow Food Movement)!!

itsamistry said...

oh nice and bright colours. I wish we had a fabric shop near us. The one that I used to work in many years ago has now shut down. Can't wait to see what you do with those strips.

Daisie said...

Looks liek one mighty fine patchwork to me, am I right? Will you tell or do we have to be another year older for you to share? x

Twiggy said...

tee hee i've got that fabric too but pieces not strips
twiggy x

june at noon said...

Oh, wow, what great finds. Love the look of all those strips hanging on the line!