Monday, 6 December 2010

My husband is a superstar!

Well he is! I got home from a craft fair* yesterday to find that he had tidied the front room, the dining room and most of the study. And he tidied the stairs up to the craft room/study that were shown in this post the other day. And here is photographic proof that the stairs are clear!

Yeah!!!! Clear stairs :) We will say nothing about the next picture then ok? :D

Well the craft stuff had to go somewhere didn't it?

*The fair was for a well known charity so I don't begrudge the stall fees I paid. It was however not my target audience at all and it was in a marquee with no additional flooring so I was freezing!! I did just about make my stall fees back though. I said before I went to this one that it would either be fantastic or rubbish for sales - unfortunately it was the latter. However I did get to meet a lovely lady called Vera who told me she read my blog so Hi Vera!


CurlyPops said...

How lovely that your stairs are spic and span, but a bugger about the craft fair. It really is a lottery sometimes!

Twiggy said...

Send him round here will you please? Mr Twigs has ben doing DIY this weekend and the house is a tip!!
Sham about the craft fair .(
twiggy x

Tracy said...

perhaps that's what i need to do
name and shame the messy areas and then they will be cleared!!! well moved to another room anyhow -
craft fairs can be a right pain sometimes can't they - hubby and i used to have a deal that i could only come home from a fair if i'd made enough money for a curry!!!i only couldn't come home once!!!!

willywagtail said...

I love your label "wonderful husband". I think that says it all. Now you only have one room you can't move around in. lol Cherrie

Tweed Thoughts said...

If your hubby does home visits, I've got a very messy (and abandoned!) craft space, if he's interested! Sorry 'bout the fair - it's 'swings and roundabouts', isn't it! All for a good cause tho :) x