Sunday, 19 December 2010

The week before Christmas

My shops are closed, I have only one possible order for two chickens to go out in time for Christmas (local delivery!) and it's midday on a Sunday and we are all still in our pajamas! I very rarely take time off from the business so some time to relax is very nice indeed! Of course I am still continuing with Cuteable (advertisers want the content to stay fresh!) and I am crafting for the shops but nothing is actaully going into the shops yet.

These are the last items I made before I shut my shops for Christmas (the penultimate item will be shown when I know that the recipient has got it) These are business card envelopes for a lovely customer - at the moment she can only get them from the States so I was keen to help her get some homegrown ones! This was a one off custom order but you will be able to buy your own business card envelopes from me in the new year.

We are slowly thinking about getting dressed as Matt and the girls will be putting the tree up after lunch and I will be sorting the washing mountain in our bedroom! Fun fun!


Unknown said...

Those envelopes are adorable! Love your blog!

Tizzalicious said...

Enjoy your time off! :)

GiddyStuff said...

Those envelopes are such a good idea. Have a good Christmas xxx