Friday, 3 December 2010

Not so tidy really!

After yesterdays post I was told by many people that my space wasn't quite so bad. However I didn't show you the rest of the room - ahem!

This is what you see when you turn the chair round from my sewing table - the other desk which really is a big dumping ground. The chairs there also act as a dumping ground too :)

And this is the floor between the two desks. It's actually a little bit tidier than that now but not much!

And these are the stairs that lead up to the craft room and study - piled high with stuff! I can't actually tidy these though until the craft room is tidy as I would have no where to put all the stuff!

So not as tidy as you all thought :)


Vintage from the Village said...

I thought this room was bad- its a close second to yours !
The stairs are very similar though and they are the first thing people see when I open the fron door- oh no x

GiddyStuff said...

Glad to see someone else uses their stairs as extra shelving :)

Carrie said...

hahahahaha not so tidy after all you 'are' human! hoorah

Michelle said...

I love seeing your mess!! It makes me wanna show my fiance and say "see, it's not just me!! it's in my crafty dna!!" hugs xx

Unknown said...

Seeing this post has made me soooo happy :)
I have just torn hubby away from his Saturday morning telly shouting "Hooray - I'm not the only one!!!"
Thanks for sharing =D