Thursday, 2 December 2010

My (not so) creative space

I am trying to tidy the craft room (yet again - why can't I work tidily?) so I thought I would show you my desk. Well the desk I use as a sewing table/dump everything on table!

This is the overview and it's actually organised although you probably can't believe it! I'll show you......

The ink pad and stamp are out because I was making more thank you paper (I wrap my chickens up in it) and just need to be put away. The flower punch is out as I had some booklets of pretty wallpaper that needed to be turned into flowers. The stack of white card is waiting to be punched into tag shapes for my alien gift tags and the brown card is waiting to be turned into backs for my other gift tags.

Here you can see the same card again plus some tree card waiting to be turned into tags. There is a pile of scrap offcuts of fabric that need to be put into a bag to be saved for softie stuffing but I can't find the bag!

In the front we have a pile of squares waiting for the Swirly magic to turn them into chickens, the plastic box is full of badge making bits and bobs - I haven't put them away from a custom badge order yet! The blue card is the outer part from the girls playmobil advent calendar which again needs to be punched into tag shapes and the round blue tin is full of tag shaped pieces of paper that I use for my chicken, robin and robot tags.

Here are 3 peg bags that didn't quite work out - they are waiting to be unpicked so that I can re-use the fabric for something else and on top of those is a huge pile of cardboard waiting to be turned into gift tag backs. I have lots of card waiting to be turned into tags as the tag punches I use aren't very good (but the only ones that do that size) and I have dodgy wrists. Lots of punching of card with rubbish wrists = lots of pain for Lynsey :( I often use my foot on the punch but can't do it too often as the motion of bending down to move the card along then standing back up to punch and then bending down again makes me feel dizzy!

So you see it is quite an organised space albeit with lots to do in it! No wonder my to do list is ludicrously long!

Pop along to Kirstys where it is the last Creative Space of 2010!



WendyCarole said...

it's much tidier than mine. I have a working muddle.

Fiona said...

Oh my - you're lucky to have somewhere that you can leave your sewing machine out and all your work in progress.

I'm green with envy (I 'borrow' the dining table to work on whenever I can!)

Twiggy said...

I have dodgy wrists too and lean on my punches with my elbows :) What size tag punch do you use, out of interest?
Twiggy x