Friday, 18 July 2008

Can you believe..

... that my big girl is old enough to leave nursery now?? How did that happen so quickly? She'll be starting Reception in September and is very excited about it as long as she has a Charlie and Lola lunchbox! Anyway back to the saga of the teachers presents. The glue did indeed set but when I went to put them into the binding machine they wouldn't fit in it!! The one I made last week fit in but these ones wouldn't fit in at all - so after much cursing, I came up with another plan! And this is what I made for the teachers.

Each teacher got a card with a fantastic topper from Ruth of course and every teacher got a tin full of jellybeans which I covered with some jellybean paper. And the 3 special teachers got a magnetic shopping list to go onto their fridge. The one in the photo above is the one that actually fit into the binding machine and the others are below - I used a bulldog clip for those and I actually think I prefer them as it means the paper can be filled up again when it's run out.

And of course we had to say who has made them (with a little help from Mummy!)

I love that she has gotten her name backwards in the middle one - it always mystified me as a teacher when children did that but it's just a part of learning.

Here's a close up of the paper underneath the writing paper. You can see what I needed to rip all those bits of paper up for now can't you?

And here they are in their bags waiting to go up to nursery - with chicken tags naturally!

I haven't forgotten the giveaway so I will be back later to let you know who has won!


Natalie said...

Oh Swirly you put me to shame! Our teachers ended up with the inevitable Choc but at least they were wrapped nicely and finished off with one of the tags I purchased from you! It seems it's a year of "big steps". My eldest starts Secondary in September! Your little one will love Reception! They suddenly think themselves very grown up once they go full time, it can be quite amusing!

Tip Top said...

Fantastic!!! Cards look pretty good too!!!!

I've yet to even start planning mine, but Samuel's last day at nursery is 4 September so got time!!!