Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Charity shop goodies!

I found a wonderful pair of curtains in Oxfam in the town where my mum lives - as soon as I spotted them I ran over and grabbed them! Aren't they gorgeous?

I'd like to hang these but they don't really match anything in the house - I think they are destined to become chickens instead!

I also got a fabulous book that tells you in great detail all the different embroidery stitches that you could possibly ever need - can you tell that I might be picking up a new craft soon!

The pictures are wonderful and I really want that apple pillow. I'll stick to learning how to sew straight though I think first!

I also got a couple of old sewing magazines that feature clothes that I would actually wear (I know that doesn't really suprise any of you!) and an applique quilting book which will come in handy for making Thomas's quilt - if I get round to it this year!

So bargains all round!


Tip Top said...

You must make the queen!! And I think like a doorstop too - I'd have one!!!!

And the curtains must be hung and not cut up - they are tooooooo beautiful!

Twiggy said...

Those curtains are lush, I agree hang them up or make them into a fabby frock!

Anonymous said...

The queen is fantastic, reminds me of Mr Benn! Not sure why? You definately should make it!

Missa said...

That apple pillow is really cool! Glad you were happy to be featured :) By the way, your girls are too cute!