Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Well I suppose I should write something..

..but I can't figure out what! I got lots of nice things in the charity shops on London but can't be bothered to get off my bum and photograph them and ditto the fab fabric and goodies I got from my local scrapstore early last week. I'm starting on the teachers presents for everyone at Anya's nursery this afternoon so tomorrow I should have some work in progress photo's at least. Oh - I did list some new badges on Etsy last night so I can show you the pictures of them at least!

These New Zealand butterfly ones are my favourite and I have lots more pretty postage stamps I can turn into badges.

I quite like these two badges as well but wouldn't wear them myself - thought they would be perfect for my Etsy shop though!

Right better go and get making!


Tip Top said...

I'll keep saving the stamps for you then!!!

Apryl said...

they look great! love the butterfly ones... but seeing as I'm American I love the US stamps as well.

lu summers said...

hi :)
yep, my stitched badges are made with a badge machine, i would never tell you to bugger off! ;)