Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Thunder storms

When me and my sister were little and we were visiting my Nana we used to pester her to let us sit on her back doorstep and watch the rain. She gave us a blanket to keep us warm and some crisps (sometimes) to keep us happy - although me and my sister were happy enough just snuggling, chatting and watching the rain. So when the thunder storms were on this weekend I knew the perfect thing to keep the girls entertained.

They sat there for at least half an hour while I made tea and they enjoyed it. Tara started getting bored after that period of time but Anya would have sat there for ages I'm sure. I see evenings of doing this as the girls get older - as long as I can squeeze in too!

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Tip Top said...

Fantastic!! I could not do that with Jacob as he wants to be outside in all sorts of weather even when its chucking it down!!