Thursday, 17 July 2008


Bloody stupid children's craft glue - it's rubbish! I mixed it last night with the same amount of water as I usually use with a different pva and happily made the things I was making. It came to this morning and I went to put them into the binding machine and half the bloody paper fell off! It wouldn't be a problem except that they are teachers presents and need to be given out tomorrow as it is Anya's last day at nursery - bugger! I've been scouring my Etsy shop just in case the new layer of pva doesn't work either. Luckily I have some things that will do as presents but I'm a little annoyed to say the least!

Anyway, hopefully I will be back tomorrow with a lovely post complete with pictures of the presents for Anya's teachers.

Meanwhile here's a picture of me for Clever Nettle and this post here.


....... said...

starch glue is the best! if you have time to get that.

Tip Top said...

Oh no!!!!!

Hope its all ok now