Thursday, 10 July 2008


I should really think up better titles for things really! I'm not in a very inspired mood today though - too much tidying of the craft room. Sarah (my sister) and Graeme (her boyfriend) took the girls out for me this afternoon so that I could crack on with getting the craft room tidied - yes again!! They were out for about an hour and a half and it went from having to climb over stuff to be able to sit on the sofa in there with space on the floor! i even managed to sort out 4 bags of stuff that had come up from downstairs - an hour and a half well spent I think! It means now that when I get the crafting bug I can head upstairs and get on with it rather than having to hunt around for lots of things that are strewn across the house.

This is what we had for our tea last night - spinach and ricotta pasta bake.

Sarah and Graeme are vegetarian and I must admit it's nice to have some veggies meals a week and this one is dead easy to make too so thumbs up all round!

I do finally have something crafty to show you - a journal I made for Anya's friend Emily. She was 5 the other day and really enjoys writing so I thought I'd make her a pink, glittery book to write in. She hasn't got it yet as when it was her party, the glue was still drying so I'm hopefully going to pop it over tomorrow!

So she got a Charlie and Lola book about recycling (C and L books are a must for any little girl) and this journal - hopefully she will like it!

P.S. After yesterday's post about sitting watching the rain, Sarah and I decided at 10 o'clock last night when it was chucking it down, to stand and watch the rain. Naturally we were wrapped in crocheted blankets!


Lindsey said...

Oooh pasta bake looks scrummy. I'm obsessing about food at the moment and suddenly everyone seems to be blogging pics of the stuff or recipes. I suppose at least virtual food has no calories. It just doesn't taste that nice. :o)
Is your crochet blankie an old family heirloom or one you've made? We have one my nan made - the poorly blanket. It's getting a bit dog-eared but it's still a treasure. I should've put that as my "This is..." item last week.

Tip Top said...

That is fantastic!! I love these journals!