Friday, 8 January 2010

Crafting 365 Day 1

or 1/365 as I'm sure it will become written when I get fed up of writing it out longhand! I am always going to be at least 1 day behind (probably more) with posting pics and blogging about them so bear with me! So this is what I made yesterday on the 1st day of crafting 365 :)

I normally use our old Christmas cards to make gift tags for next year but we already have a huge bag of them and didn't really need this years adding to that pile! So I was really pleased when I came across this tutorial that I had saved a while back about re-using your Christmas cards for a garland. I dug out my trusty circle punch and punched out all the cards that were big enough to fit in the punch - the smaller ones were added to the tag bag for next year.

The tutorial tells you to glue your circles to the ribbon but I wanted something that would last being thrown in a box year after year so decided to stitch them to the ribbon. I also put two circles back to back so if the garland twists then you still have pretty things to see!

Ta Dah! The finished garland. You will have to wait until next year to see it up and in position though, sorry! It was very quick and easy to do as well and you can obviously make it as long as you like. I just used up what ribbon I had.

I then had some circles left over and decided to make little ornaments with them - again very simple but quite effective. The girls liked them anyway and have snaffled 4 of them for their rooms - good job there are 5 more hiding in the craft room! They are simple felt circles with felt offcuts/ribbon sandwiched between the felt and card and then sewn.

Tara likes this one best!

And I was pleased that I managed to sneak in a little extra time to make some more business cards as I am running low. So a successful start to Crafting 365 - heres hoping that the success continues!


renin said...

I love the garland you made. Its a nice jumpstart for your 365 days of crafting... Happy 2010!

Twiggy said...

Brilliant !! Mr Twigs bought me a fab craft punch for Christmas and I can't wait to have a play with it, when I've finished the ironing - yuck !!
Twiggy x

Jennifer Rose said...

the garland looks nice and a great use for the cards :)

Dotty said...

wow you have been quite busy - love the decorations x

Anonymous said...

Oh yay-good luck with the crafting 365-I'm loving doing mine-although I have lost a few days here and there!

WendyCarole said...

Love the garland

Tweed Thoughts said...

What gorgeous ideas - you're on a roll! :D