Sunday 3 January 2010

The hairstyle of choice

Well recently anyway!

Heidi plaits that are a bit messy - I prefer messy hair to overly groomed hair. And I was getting sick of ponytails! Although a messy bun occasionally makes an appearance :)

And the girls had a bit of plait action the other night too - I washed their hair and put it straight into 6 plaits and left them in overnight. Wavy hair the next morning equals very pleased girls!


S said...

I do that with my hair when I'm too lazy to dry it! It's great that the wavy, curly messed up style is in fashion now - cos it means I am too haha!

Leigh Shepherd said...

You really suit your Heidi 'do'. My mum used to plait my hair just like you have for your girls, I'm going to show this to a certain little girl - I know she'll love it:)
Leigh x

CurlyPops said...

Heidi Plaits are tres cute! I haven't plaited my hair since I was a teen.... those were the days.

Tweed Thoughts said...

I love the plaits - it's a good look! :) I used to do the overnight plaits when I was little too - looks very cute :D!