Thursday, 28 January 2010


So I missed a day of Crafting 365 - eeeek! I was so busy on Tuesday and I think my 5 mile walk in the freezing cold early on Tuesday morning wiped me out for the rest of the day! I thought about doing some craft work but just didn't get round to it! I am going to only count the days I actually craft on and then add on the extra's at the end of the year - I'm hoping that there won't be too many!

Anyway, onto yesterday's crafty goodies. Along with the now obligatory business card sewing (they are easy and a necessity) I made up some more chickens that had been half made and a new skirt for me! I'm really getting into this skirt making lark!

I think I have gone from the sublime to the ridiculous though! The last skirt fit although it was a little too fitted for my liking - I wanted a swishy skirt. Well that's what I got with this one! Maybe a little bit too much fabric used today - it's an elasticated waist so no need for any closures but it does mean that it bunches quite a bit - not that I mind really!

While I was sewing up the skirt I happened to glance to my left and spotted some trim on the shelf I'd got at the scrapstore that I'd figured would come in useful one day! Well today was that day! I think it looks great on the hem - what do you think?

Oh and as an aside Nicola, my friend who came round to tea with her children yesterday, said that her parents used to have the flower fabric in my skirt as curtains and when it was no longer needed then Nicola had it as curtains in her wendy house! How cool is that?


Rachelle Blondel said...

Hi Lynsey
The skirt looks fab well done you before you know it you'll be drafting patterns, walking round moonsoon thinking £150 I'll make it for £20 hahaha (maybe thats just me!!) But good on you rxx

Petit Filoux said...

the hem looks really good with the skirt fabric x

june at noon said...

I think that trim is perfect with the skirt fabric. Great combo!

Twiggy said...

Skirt looks fab and the trim sets it off really nicely.
Twiggy x

Jennifer Rose said...

that looks really nice on you :)

Tip Top said...

Hehehe! Do like the trim!!!

Hat Therapy said...

Hey there nice to see you in person