Friday, 29 January 2010

Good day!

I had a very good day yesterday - the 5 mile walk in the morning actually gave me a bit more energy and I didn't feel as knackered as I did on Tuesday having done the same walk!

I made these pincushion/paperweight chickens after I had done the wrapping tissue. I would like to think they they will be finished soon but I know they will languish in my sewing box for a good few months yet :) I also cut out loads of card backs for my gift tags (I keep all my cereal boxes and other decent card for this) and continued a bit with a new piece of mixed media artwork. I may have ruined it but I will take another look in the morning and see if I can do anything! This is day 21 of crafting 365.


Jennifer Rose said...

those are cute :) love the yellow flower chicken.

theothermousie said...

These are so sweet - I've never come across a pincushion chicken either! x

GiddyStuff said...

I think I may NEED a chicken pincushion :)