Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Lots of lace and 5/365

I was making business cards yesterday (my 365 - I didn't have time for anything else) and the girls told me not to turn around from the sewing machine.

I was then allowed to turn around and saw this - the girls had been busy with my big box of lace!

They had decorated the floor, my fabric stash, my chair, each other! They had lots of fun :)

And here's me having my photo taken by Anya - I'm only half smiling as I was concerned she would drop my camera!


Sarah said...

Very creative! I love the big jars that are behind you in the photo.


FairlyGirly said...


I have given you a blog award.


Tweed Thoughts said...

Hee hee! Your craft room looks like a Victorian 'boudoir' - very saucy!! Well done girls :)

june at noon said...

Nothing like having little decorators helping out. My space is often covered in sheets of felt!