Monday, 8 October 2007

Boobs and busyness!

I know that busyness isn't really a word but it will do - and it kind of fits with what I'm doing at the moment. Well I say at the moment, but what I am actually doing at the moment is catching up with some good old blog reading! It's something easy to do while I watch the girls play and it means that my time in the evenings can be spent actually making things! The busyness refers to things I should be doing which involves;

1) A wholesale order for 20 chicken doorstops
2) A present for my mum's birthday
3) A present for my friends daughters first birthday
4) Making stock for a 4 day craft fair at the end of Nov
5) Making invitations for Anya's birthday
6) Experimenting with new ideas for Christmas decorations
7) A quilt for my nephew's Christmas present - not yet started!
8) Photographing lots of new things for the Etsy shop
9) And a whole host of other things!!

Looking at it like that makes me think I should get off the computer - in fact I will once I've finished this post!

The boobs in the title refers to a couple of things. Emma from Getting Crafty did a great post about Breast Awareness month and she posted the details of what she did for it on her blog. She then posted it up onto the forum and got lots of responses and it lead me to doing a boob themed treasury over on Etsy! It won't stay up for long so I'll post a picture of it here - I like it a lot!

Anyway I'm going to put Tara down for a snooze and get on with cutting fabric for some chickens!

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Beth said...

I know what you mean about too any things to do! Christmas is approaching way too quickly.

Love the boob treasury!