Wednesday, 10 October 2007


Now I know I promised a post about Ikea goodies but I'm afraid that will have to wait as when we got back from Ikea there was a parcel waiting for me on the doorstep (stupid postman but that's another post.) Anyway I had a quick peek and it was my secret swap parcel!!!!!! I'd joined a secret swap over on Etsy and I've just posted mine out to my swapee this week. Anyway - I got a gorgeous, fabulous bag from lovealittle. These aren't my pictures - Jane from lovealittle took them and I'm glad as the ones I took in my kitchen were too dark and I just had to show off the bag. It's got a little owl on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really didn't think it was possible to be in love with a bag but I am - just got to think of what to call the owl now! So a big thank you to Jane - it's fab!

Ok - you can have a little bit of Ikea stuff then! I bought lots of fabric (would you believe!) and I also got some great wrapping paper with gnomes on it! I like gnomes as well as birds! One day I'll have to take photo's of the ones in my garden.

Here's some photo's of the girls on their new chairs. My mum bought a chair for Anya but it has been climbed on and dragged round and it finally decided last week that it's leg wasn't going to stay on this time so it's gone to bin heaven!

I think Tara is pleased with her chair! Her sister, on the other hand is much more refined!

It's obviously a 'I'm nearly 4' pose!

And here's the picture that we had to take of the chairs on their own - they are quite bright and I'm not sure they will go in our Victorian house but nothing else does so why worry!

Off to do some crafting now!


Deanne said...

I love that bag, gonna check out her Etsy shop right now. hehe You lucky girlie x

Anonymous said...

Those chairs are fab!! At least no arguments over who gets what colour!