Friday, 12 October 2007

New things on Etsy

Well yesterday it seemed that I took about 400 photo's of the stuff I had made for the craft fair that isn't yet in my shop. Some of it has slowly been trickling up onto Etsy so here is what's new over there.

One of my chicken paperweights - more are being uploaded this afternoon and I will be making more from new fabrics soon. I like making these as they don't have zips and are easy to finish off while watching tv. I quite like this photo too.

Here's a collection of knitting needle bracelets that are all ready to go up onto Etsy - only the red one that's at the start of this post is up on there at the moment but again more are coming soon!

I've also uploaded a few more of my egg box sewing kits. I love these as they are so much fun to make and I love choosing which little sewing bits to go into each one.


Anonymous said...

The bracelets look really good in real life too!!!

Unknown said...

Those bracelets are so clever! I never would have imagined doing that with knitting needles. :)

PeculiarForest said...

The egg box sewing kits are sooo cool, i may have to pur-chase