Friday, 19 October 2007

Tired, tired,tired!

I was just getting into the swing of posting regularly on here and now I'm getting that 'plurgh' blogging feeling! I think it's because I am tired - the girls have been waking up often in the night and very early in the morning - little minx's! So I'm leaving you here with a big shout out for the England Rugby team - and as a tribute I have created an Etsy Treasury specially.

The link is here just in case you want to see it in all it's glory too. I'm not too sure how long it stays live after the treasury has finished so I will have to check back and make sure it doesn't take you to a dead page!

I have a couple of custom orders to do this week so hopefully I will back with those soon.


Anice said...

Hi lyndsey!
Sorry you are feeling so tired, I've tagged you on my blog..maybe that will make you smile!
Anice xx

Candles by Lisa said...

Hi Lyndsey,

And I have tagged you with the very same so maybe we will put 2 smiles on your face.


Anonymous said...

I have no blog so shall not tag!!
But do know what you're going through with broken sleep and its not good!