Friday, 5 October 2007

Busy day!

Well today has been one of those days and it is only 3 o'clock!! I dropped Anya off at nursery and then headed back home with Tara and we then went into town. I needed to get some money for the float for the craft fair on Sunday and of course I had to look round the charity shops while I was there!! Before we parked I'd tried to drop off the stuff I sorted yesterday at the charity shops but the first one I went to had no spaces nearby and then the 2nd one wasn't open! I always try to donate to the local ones (rather than the big national chain charity shops) and just before we went to pick Anya up we managed to drop the stuff off at the Pendleside Hospice Shop. I also bought some fab fabric from there - gorgeous children's fabric with letters on it with corresponding pictures. I'm not sure what it is going to be (maybe a PE bag for Anya for next year?) but I'm sure I'll find something!

It's quite overcast here today - hence the slightly dark photo's and as soon as I got the fabric straight then Tara decided that she wanted to come and have a picnic on it!

I got a pair of curtains and a quilt cover for the bargain price of 3 whole English pounds! Which I didn't think was too bad! I also got a children's book for 20p. I love the picture on the cover and knew that the inside wouldn't disappoint and I was right!

I haven't read the story yet so I'm not quite sure what the frogs are doing but I love the flower necklace that one is wearing! I also like this next one where the dogs are playing 'Ring a Ring a Roses'. So cute!!

My lovely sister is coming to see me tomorrow and help out with getting ready for the craft fair/look after the girls so Matt can help with the fair. I love my sister :)

I have a feeling that this is what I am going to be doing a lot tomorrow

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Anonymous said...

How fab is that fabric! How can you bear to cut it up?

20p for a book, wow the charity shops here in Chiswick charge an arm and a leg!