Sunday, 7 October 2007

Craft fair!!

Well it wasn't as successful as I had hoped it would be! First of all I got lost as the letter they sent had the name and address of the Museum of Salford on it - which is not near Ordsall Hall! Luckily Ruth (of Tip Top Topper's fame) had taken my phone number so she text me to say she was there and I rang her back. She then gave me the correct postcode (thank goodness I had taken Matt's Sat Nav!) and I got there very quickly.

As it was my first craft fair I really wasn't sure what to expect - the other crafters seemed nice especially the two ladies next to me. They had gorgeous bags but I was very restrained! In fact I was very good and only spent £1.25 - at Ruth's stall. I bought some toppers from her to make into a card for my dad. He collects Golly badges hence the Gollywogs toppers I bought. You can see them if you scroll down the page - check out Big Cook, Little Cook too!

I was pleased with how my stall looked even though I realised that my tablecloth was crooked only after I had laid everything out properly!! You can see more of my photo's here - with notes to show you what all the things are! This was my favourite bit of my stall.

Lots of thanks must go to my lovely sister Sarah for helping out with making pom poms yesterday, and to my lovely hubby Matt for helping me to make all sorts last night as I was panicking! Thanks :)


Anonymous said...

Glad you like the Gollywogs - they proved popular!
Your stall was one of the best looking and I am pleased with the knitting pattern tags and the recycled note book I bought.
Good luck with the Lightwater Valley event at the end of November and beginning of December!

Swirlyarts said...

Thanks - I will be doing a blog post about where my next fair is soon!!

Anonymous said...

I had a mega quick run round the craft fair at Ordsall Hall (i was running late-oops!) and saw your stand and had read your blog previously.

I've been doing craft fairs this summer but loosing hope as I've had a couple of really rubbish fairs - i actually made a loss on one! DON"T DO THE TRAFFORD COMMUNITY FAIR! No one is there to buy anything, everyone i spoke to made a loss!

How was the Ordsall Hall craft fair? Would you do it again? I make jewellery, cards and crocheted items and am trying to find place s to sell stuff. I've looked into Etsy but not sure wether to pay for listings?

What are your thoughts?