Monday, 2 March 2009

I'm in a book, I'm in a book, I'm in a book!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm a bit excited can you tell :) :) :) I've had the details of the project since October but didn't want to mention it until I physically had the book in my hands!! I didn't even tell these crafty girls - which was tricky! So here it is :D

I sent off for details about The Scavenger Project which is run by the lovely people at Arthouse Coop.

They sent me a list of things to interpret visually in my own way. Can you see what number 24 is??

Perfect!! I had lots of ideas for most of the list (you could send in as many as you liked) but I physically only had time to do 4. They guaranteed that at least one piece of work would go into the book.

Here's the page with my work on it :D

And here's a close up! I am disappointed with the photograph I sent in for this one (actually with all the photographs). I used Tesco (we can't print our own photographs) as I needed them within 4 days and they turned out pretty badly. Oh well - live and learn :) And I'm still in a book even if the photograph is crap!

Oh look, there's my name :D If you want to order a copy of the book then you can go here - or if you know me in real life then I'll bore you to death with it when you come round!!

If you want to join in with any of the recent projects from Arthouse then just go to their website. You will need to pay a little to cover the costs of postage etc but it's nothing too much.

Edited to add - how spooky. Someone I 'know' online, Flurogoddess is also in the book - coincidently just underneath my chickens!! You can see her name next to mine. Small world :)


flurogoddess said...

I'm in the book too!!!!

In fact, just under yours - and you've got my name and the bottom half of my photo in the second photo!!!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

You should be more than a little excited this is great!! CONGRATULATIONS!!

Tip Top said...

who-hooooooo!! Well done!!!!

Ooty said...

=) this is great!!! Good for you!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, congratulations!

It looks good from where I am sitting :)

And congrats to you too Fluro!

Jennifer Rose said...

that is great! :D What an interesting site, going to spend a lot of time looking around there.

Tweed Thoughts said...

HUGE congrats! What a great buzz - the photo looks perfectly fine to me :)

Daisie said...

Jumping up and down on your behalf!!

Autumn Rose Crafts said...

Fantastic!! Im excited for you lol sarah x

Twiggy said...

That is VERY exciting, well done!!
Twiggy x

Melanie said...

Awesome!!! That is absolutely fantastic!

CurlyPops said...

Congratulaions Lynsey!
That's so exciting...yippee.

natural attrill said...

FANTASTIC - well done!!!