Sunday, 22 March 2009

Mummy, I love you!

This was the greeting I got at 7.15 this morning - much better than the 5.40 earlier in the week! I think Matt had a word :) I was a very lucky mummy and had my breakfast made for me all by Anya. She carefully got my favourite bowl out and poured my cereal into and she did the same for Matt too. Tara also decided to get breakfast herself and opened her packet of porridge oats - unfortunately they went all over the floor but Anya started sweeping them up. Do you think this phase of helping will last until she is 18?

Here are the cards I got, Tara first.

And now Anya's

And at school Anya made this fabulous picture of me which her teachers framed. I am in bright clothes because I always wear bright clothes apparently ;)

I love my glasses too although they aren't quite as large as this in real life!

And it was the writing at the bottom that made me go ahhhhhh.

So I was a very lucky mummy indeed!

In other news I spotted a giveaway on Her Library Adventures this morning and, because I'm a super nice person, thought I would share it with you all. You can't enter though because the goodies are all mine!


Anonymous said...

Treasure these cards from your litlies.

CurlyPops said...

Hey it looks like you have a very big mouth too just to match your big glasses and bright clothes!
It's so sweet to receive handmade cards from the littlies

Unknown said...

awe ... cute, love the writing at the bottom

Tizzalicious said...

So sweet ♥

Happy mothers day!

Ooty said...

Now this is soooooooooo sweet!!!

Tip Top said...

Hehehehe! Love the jumper!

Thecraftytrundler said...

They are lovely!!! Straight from the heart!!!


ei! kumpel said...

oh so sweet :) :)