Sunday, 8 March 2009

Jumble sale finds part 2

And now for part 2!! These are all clothes for me - we did get quite a few books, which I haven't photographed and I also got lots of things for Anya's Attic. I'll share those things when I list them. Now, back to the clothes!

This scarf is nice and thin and is actually very large. I'm thinking it might be nice as a lightweight scarf in the spring months! Came in the £2 bag.

This is a close up of a t-shirt that came in the £2 bag - I wore it yesterday and it is very comfy. I love the chopper on it.

This embroidered shirt just jumped into my arms! I couldn't leave it behind with all it's embroidered details. It fits but I'm not sure if it's too short - I'll see when I wear it in the warmer months. Also in the £2 bag.

Both my sister and I spotted (get it!!) this shirt but alas as my sister is much smaller than me it was too big for her - and I got it!! Also in the £2 bag.

This is my wow dress - and very me!! This didn't come in the £2 bag but I was very lucky and spotted it on the half price day (I'd missed it completely on the previous 2 days). It was £1.50!!!

Just look at the print!! I can see me wearing this a lot!

This pink sundress was also from the sale but I paid the full price of £3 for it as I really wanted it. Matt just rolled his eyes!!

You can see the print much better in this photograph.

I'll be back tomorrow with the other stuff I've thrifted these past couple of weeks - that will be it until I go shopping again!!


Tweed Thoughts said...

I LOVE that dress with the swirly print - it's fabulous!

Twiggy said...

Flippin heck you're very good at this thrifting lark, love the swirly dress and the chopper t.shirt!!
Twiggy x

Jennifer Rose said...

that scarf is gorgeous! I would be so tempted to use it as the lining of a bag, or even on the outside of the bag

Ooty said...

wow, you know how to shop!
I love the green dots shirt and the dress is beautiful!!!