Monday, 9 March 2009

Last of the charity shop goodies

Phew - this is the last of the goodies from various charity shops I have visited recently. When I say recently I do have some things in there that were bought before Christmas but we've only just picked up from my mum and dads! For more close ups and detail shots of the clothes then check out my Flickr page.

This teal dress is gorgeous! It's made of a knitted fabric and is very soft. I love the details on the collar and round the neck area. Bought from a charity shop in Ripon when the jumble sale was on - Feb half term.

This grey and white striped shirt is a great basic and is Ralph Lauren so it's a decent quality one too! Bought in Ripon before Christmas.

This tank top was bought in the same shop at the same time as the shirt above.

A great dress that will prove to be very versatile I'm sure! Bought in Ripon at Feb half term.

This is a close up of a pair of pillowcases I bought from Help the Aged in Ripon just before Christmas - I couldn't resist the bird embroidery.

I bought this spotty top in Rochdale on Friday - from Scope I think.

Tara loves anything yellow so when I spotted this coat I knew it had to be hers. £1.99 from the YMCA shop in Rochdale.

This cardigan is made of a jersey type material and is great for chucking on over anything. I love that pattern too. Bought in Rochdale.

Some books we found in Rochdale on Friday. The middle lot of books looked like they had never been opened. From various charity shops in Rochdale.

And Matt spotted this game that we both had when we were small - we thought the girls would like to play it with us!

Hopefully we will be back to crafting posts from now on!


Tweed Thoughts said...

I'm eyeing up that tank-top - very cute : )!

Jennifer Rose said...

:-o so many lovely things! I love those pillowcases :D

Anonymous said...

That is a lot of bargains!!

x Caz x