Saturday, 7 March 2009

Jumble sale finds part 1

This is part one because there were a lot of things crammed into the £2 bin bag! The fill a big bag for £2 day is at the end of the four days of the sale and is essentially a way for the charity to get rid of lots of stuff - and it's great for a good rummage!

I spotted this and wasn't sure on the hanger so I chucked it in the bag anyway - it looks good on. I must add that anything I put in the bag that doesn't fit/look ridiculous/has damage when looked at properly goes back to a charity shop the afternoon after the sale. This time a large suitcase full of clothes was wheeled up to the charity shop from the 5 of us that attended.

You saw me wearing this green skirt yesterday. I popped it in the bag for my mum but it was too big for her - yippee me!!

This skirt is handmade and came with a boxy jacket that didn't make it into the bag! It's also a strange fit in that it fits me but the waist is too small to go over my hips so has to go over my head! It also has a high waist so I'll have to ensure I wear longer tops with it.

Here's a close up of the pattern.

This petticoat is so light and airy and is the perfect length to wear under skirts and ensure that a nice layer is shown!

I love this top too - it's a shame that it will need ironing so it won't get worn as much as I'd like.

Part 2 will come at some stage and then I have the other goodies that I got from the charity shops whilst I was in Ripon for the sale.


Jennifer Rose said...

I love that petticoat!

Erin said...

2 pounds?!?! ahck! I wish oh wish oh wish so bad I could have been there. I hope you found 17 000 good treasures.