Monday, 30 March 2009

Yeah - artwork finally up!

Matt put my 'what nots' up on the wall on Saturday and yesterday I managed to put the artwork up on the wall that has been waiting for a long time to go up!

I filled up the far side of the wall first - the other side of the wall has plenty of room left for new artwork!

This is the small what not - it has a collection of my small trinkets on.
Clockwise from top:
ATC from Jennyflower
ACEO from Tizzalicious
Small parrot figurine - Matt bought for me from a jumble sale
Little house - Matt bought for me from a jumble sale
Izzy the teal Jacabunny from Kit Lane on Etsy
Chicken (right in the middle) - Matt bought for me from a jumble sale
Gnome with wheelbarrow - from the charity shop

The bigger what not! Clockwise from top:
Blue sausage dog - from the jumble sale
Funky chicken/bird ornament - charity shop
Rosie Lee teabag softie - Ethel and Edna
Cupcake pot - Anya painted for my birthday
Sharks Jaw - Matt has had since he was he was about 6. He bought it when he lived in America.
A Swirly silly doll - specially made for me by Lindsay @ Ethel and Edna.

I have already blogged about most of the artwork I have up on the wall - you can find out all about it here. Below is the new artwork I have acquired since January!

Matt bought this one for me for Christmas from a local craft fair - I love it!! I can't remember who the artist is but Matt will know. I'll amend this post when I find out!

I bought these 2 pictures from the jumble sale in the fill a bin bag for £2!! Well my sister grabbed me the big eyed girl as she was at that end whilst I was rummaging for dresses :) The birds are just really pretty too and I liked them!

And these last 2 give you a better idea of what all the bits and bobs look like together!


Tweed Thoughts said...

Looks great - what a lovely inspirational space : )

Tizzalicious said...

It looks great!

And nice to see my ACEO! :D

Ooty said...

It all looks great together!!

Tip Top said...

Wow! They look good!

Jennifer Rose said...

Everything looks great on the wall together :)

Twiggy said...

looks lovely !
Twiggy x

Erin said...

I am totally diggin' the knick knack shelf. Very yard-sale late seventies feel. Digz it.

ei! kumpel said...

What a shelf! I like everything about it... and the fact that it's unique makes it so special!