Thursday, 26 March 2009

My local scrap store - Sams

Be warned - this is a picture heavy post :)

I asked at Sams this morning if they would let me take some photographs as I always get asked what you can get at the scrapstore - they were very happy to let me. So here are the pictures with a few words - if you want more detailed descriptions then check my Flickr. There are 3 rooms to Sams and we will start with my favourite - the fabric room.

Lots of yummy colourful felt offcuts.

Another view

The back wall with some great fabric ribbon that would make a good binding for a quilt.

Yet more fabric!

The view down to the fabric rolls

The fabric rolls themselves - yummy!! The next room up is the paper room.

This is as you walk in - it's only a small room but has an amazing amount of stuff in it.

Piles of paper! And then to the main room.

Ribbons and paint and plastic bits to rummage through.

More paint!

The main table.

This is a good overview of the room!

This is a good example of the varied things they get at Sams - big plastic Marmite jar anyone?

So that is what my local scrapstore looks like - if you live in the UK and want to find out where your local scrapstore is then check here.

EDITED TO ADD - you don't pay individual prices on anything - you get a basket full or a supermarket sized trolley full!


Daisie said...

I have a big marmite jar, it's fab!!!!!


Tip Top said...

OOhh - they've started selling cute little girls I see! Must go and get one!!

ta for the photos - I was getting withdrawl symptoms - could be a trip there on Tuesday......!

Louisa said...

Jealous! I wish I had a store like that. Is everything priced individually or what?

Jennifer Rose said...

looks like a great store to spend some time looking around and shopping. Isn't one anywhere near me though :/

Esme Dodsworth said...

wow I didn't know about these!!! going to have to find my local one. Thank you :-)

Sharon said...

Good God! Lucky you to have one of them close by! To make your machine sew like that, you need a free needle embroidery foot and drop the feed on your machine. And then practise! I tend to go over everything alot and pretend I was going for a naive/haphazard effect!!:)

CurlyPops said...

I'm not religious....but I think that might be Heaven!

Lyn said...

Oooh I live in West Yorkshire and often pop over to Denton to see friends and wondered where SAMS is? is it close by to Ashton?

Erin said...

oh my good gracious goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That store is making me get all choked up.... i can't believe such a place exists. My apartment would look like that store in short order if I lived anywhere near it.

Erin said...

BAH! you live in the UK!?!?!?! darn north america.

Unknown said...

Wow! Our scrapstore is mainly refurbished furniture, it used to be more like your one (much smaller scale) but it's now run more for bigger stuff as a project for employing adults with learning difficulties. They take in furniture, do it up if necessary and then sell it on.

Anonymous said...

I WANT TO GO THERE. I think i might have a heart attack just thinking about it. I don't think they have places like that in the US~!

Anonymous said...

A scrap store!?! What a fantastic idea!!!! I wish we had one here in Montreal! *wondering whose arms she can twist to get one opened here* :)

I, too, would like to know how they price things... Please. :)

Trudi - Me and Ewe said...

Is it wrong to want to fly there from Australia?