Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Charity shop gold!

These folders have been sitting in my front room for weeks now waiting to be photographed to be shown off to you - well here they are!

Recognise the image on the front? How about the writing on the sides?

Yep - Golden Hands magazines!! 6 folders full of Golden Hands magazines!

Only about 5 mags from the 75+ are missing and I'm hoping I can collect them from ebay or somewhere similar.

I could make things like this but don't think I will be!

I spotted these beauties in a charity shop when we were over at my mums for the jumble sale - £1 a folder. So I promptly grabbed all 6 and handed over my £6 :) I left very happy!


Twiggy said...

Ooooo I'm soooooooo jealous.
twiggy x

Quernus Crafts said...

What a bargain! I'm doing a feature for the summer edition of UK Handmade about scrap stores and charity shops - can we have a chat about this as you are a bit of a whizz on that side of things?
Kirsten x

TopCat76 said...

Wow charity shop gold indeed! Mine never seem to have such treasures!

WinnibriggsHouse said...

O dear, I have to admit to buying the originals and I wouldn't be at all surprised if I still have some buried somewhere. If I come across them I'll let you know!
Jenny x

Tweed Thoughts said...

Have never heard of 'Golden Hands' but they look pretty cool! :D Perhaps they never reached us up here in the Hebrides :-(

Michelle said...

Oh wow what an amazing find!! And very bargainous too!! Looking forward to seeing you work your way through them :p x

CurlyPops said...

Hey Lynsey, Have you thought about doing a shout out on the blog with the editions that are missing. You just never know, one of us might have them!