Wednesday, 10 March 2010


As you may have noticed the Crafting 365 has fallen by the wayside over here - I am still crafting most days but I just haven't got time to document it every day and blog about it. So I am giving it up :) So onto some actual crafting that has been going on.

These little guys have been listed in all of my shops so if you want to purchase some then you have a choice as to where to buy them - Etsy, Folksy or Misi.

I decided (with lots of help from the lovely people that read this blog) that the brown and red robins were the better of the 2 types. So my shops have been updated with the photographs of these robins :)

And I listed these Teddy Bears Picnic gft tags last night and they sold after 10 minutes - I like quick sales :)

I have also been busy making some recycled stickers - this is the first set listed. If you look at the third picture in the listing you will see a very cute baby mouse in a pram!

That is all for now although I am hoping to list more things today :)


GiddyStuff said...

I'm finding it difficult to keep to my 365 blog, never mind actually creating something every day!

Unknown said...

Love your recycled stickers. Can't wait to see what other crafty stuff you've been upto.

Jodie said...

yay - got me some little brown and red guys - but missed the message to seller - Just wanted to say I love them (and will probably keep them all for ,myself )

Twiggy said...

Lovely stuff missus
Twiggy x

WinnibriggsHouse said...

Love your blog it really makes me smile and so I have awarded you a sunshine blog award. If you have not received one before, please check out my blog for further instructions. Continue to spread your sunshine we all need as much as we can get.
Jenny x

june at noon said...

It's hard enough to find time for the actual crafting, let alone the documenting. I can totally sympathize!