Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Sale items part 2 - linens

Some of the fabrics/linens I got at the sale in the £3 bag :) I have to say that we had 3 bags between us - all the stuff wasn't in one particular bag!

Cute duvet cover

Tablecloth - love the embroidery!

Some more embroidered goodies.

A gorgeous tablecloth with embroidery commemorating the coronation of 1937. George and Elizabeth (Queen Mother) in case you were wondering!


These pillowcases (I got 2 of these) are gracing our bed as I type!

This wash bag just begged to come home with me!


Cushion cover

A hankie!

Some fabulous fabric - barkcloth I think! I see a chicken :)


Unknown said...

I absolutely love those tablecloths and am actually quite upset that I don't own them!
The Liberty wash bag is rather pleasing on the eyes also.
And, I can't quite believe that flowery brown pillowcase - I'm positive it used to grace my parents bed, together with a matching sheet.

Anonymous said...

oh my! what fabulous goodies!

Brenda said...

You did well with your finds....alot of beautiful embroidery.

Renee said...

Love that kids doona cover. Fantastic!

Snooze said...

what a great stash ... that commemorative tablecloth would go somewhere safe for posterity and old sheets and pillowcases. love them too.

Jennie said...

You must be thrilled with those wonderful finds! Treasures!

Melissa said...

wow some beautiful linens
Melissa x

Unknown said...

Wow what beautiful finds! Lovely linen is just fabulous, isn't it! Thanks so very much for playing along!
Sophie x