Wednesday 31 March 2010

Charity shop goodies

I had hoped to get out to the charity shops on Monday but forgot that I had to stay in to wait for a courier to collect a parcel - grrr. However I made it out to a local town, Accrington, yesterday and I am very glad I managed to go. Accrington hasn't let me down yet (I got my massive button haul from there) and it didn't let me down yesterday :) In fact if you search my blog for Accrington you will see the many bargains I have got. Anyway, back to yesterday's finds!

Innocent looking boxes you say? Hah - they house treasures :)

Gorgeous thread - the colours aren't captured here very well.


And some intriguing wooden buttons - some have been painted/drawn on already. I'm going to have fun playing with these!

Tara was wearing this funky half apron while I was taking the photograph hence the blurriness. She wouldn't stand still!

A book to chop :) It has two pages missing.

A lovely tablecloth with matching napkins still in it's original packaging! All of the above was mine for £5! I couldn't quite believe it either! I then went to another shop where I bought.....

A top for Anya - there are cute birds and bikes on the red fabric.

A faded pillowcase

A hanky for 10p

Two pretty linens - one was 30p and the other was 65p!

Two lots of bias binding for 50p

These placemats/napkins (there are 12 of various sizes) for £1.50. They are very sheer fabric - organza perhaps?

And this pretty dress from Marks and Spencers - it is brand new!! It cost me £3! It also has lots of nice details which are lost in the photo.

I got these 3 books for £1 in a different shop. Destined to be cut up as they have damaged covers/pages.

This Dirndl dress was the 'piece de resistance' of the whole trip. I spotted the back first so didn't realise it was a Dirndl dress until I turned it round. The embroidery is gorgeous and it fits like a dream :) The only snag is that is shows quite a bit of boob and while I do have it, I don't necessarily want to flaunt it quite *that* much! So the hunt is on for a top that I can wear underneath it - I may just go for black long sleeved at the moment. Or I can wear it backwards - looks just as good :) I'll just have to remember not to wear Heidi plaits on top of my head at the same time as wearing this dress as it may enter the realm of costume!


CurlyPops said...

Wow talk about a haul... I think that might be the motherload of thrifty goodies!

Unknown said...

Fantastic. I never seem to find such treasures when I'm out, and you're right about the dress I would have had to buy it too. What about a floaty scarf knotted in front to cover up some of the boobage.

Unknown said...

wow! great stuff, I love a charity shop bargain!

Unknown said...

Those organza napkins are stunning.
What a fantastic haul

Alison said...

OOh I love charity shops. Get a lot of my supplies and clothes from them. Can't believe what people give away.

Tip Top said...

Why do I never find buttons????!!!!!!! Good finds though!

WinnibriggsHouse said...

What a haul! You are lucky. Haven't hit our CS for a while..I am now inspired to check them out. Agree with the'no Heidi plaits'
Jenny x

Tizzalicious said...

Such great finds again! Those wooden buttons are fantastic!