Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Me on a Monday morning!

I don't look too bad do I? Other than being a bit blurry!

The girls took these photos of me on Monday morning - I had the camera in the bathroom to take photo's of the tulips and they wanted to play photographer! Top photo by Anya, bottom one by Tara.

There will hopefully be a crafty post tomorrow - I am slowly working my way through restocking some gift tags and you don't really want to see endless shots of chicken, robin, robot and bluetit gift tags do you? I'm hoping to list some things this afternoon so you might get something crafty tomorrow :)


WinnibriggsHouse said...

Well hello!
Nice to see the face behind the blog and well done to your girls. Pop over to mine and you will 'meet' me in my post about an Easter bonnet.
Have a good day.
Off to work now for those slave drivers Giddy Kipper
Jenny x

Ra Ra Bazaar said...

I spy the new tank top!!! Looks good!

Unknown said...

I know this may sound weird but you have absolutely beautiful teeth! :))
Well done if they're yours, if not- can I have the name of your dentist/surgery??? :)))))

Jodie said...

hi !!!!! *waving* You look so friendly- If I saw you at the bus stop I'd be sure to smile and say hi....