Sunday, 21 October 2007

Lazy day!

Well we have had the laziest Sunday ever!! We had a bit of a lie in this morning til 7.15 - so not much but others with children will probably relate! Matt cooked a delicious breakfast for us - sausages, bacon, eggs, mushrooms, baked beans and toast - yum yum! We played with the girls this morning and I listed some more things on Etsy. A couple more knitting needle bracelets are up there and a new paperweight chicken.

I also updated the items I have on Dawanda and have added listings in both French and German. My knowledge of German is none existent and I know a little bit of French - enough to know if the sentence look like it is making sense anyway! I used babelfish to translate the listings so I hope they make sense! I wasn't sure that translating my listings would help but the one I translated a couple of months ago has had lots more views than the ones I hadn't. I've decided that when I make things I will make 2 of everything (if that's possible) so that I have one for Etsy and one for Dawanda.

I managed to make two commissioned chickens (apart from the zips and eyes!) - one as a birthday present for a very cute baby who will be 1 and one for a Christmas present for someone! Pictures once the recipients have seen them!

Oh and the reason it has been a very lazy day is that we are all still in our pajama's!! The girls are going in the bath in a minute and getting into clean pajama's before tea and then Matt and me will go in the shower later.

Have a nice rest of Sunday everybody!


Anonymous said...

One comment from Samuel (its his first viewing of your blog) is that you need some Ducks as the chicken in your avitar is lonely and needs friends...... (he is only 4!)
And I'm green with your lie in and staying in your jim jams longer than me!!

Swirlyarts said...

I will look into making some ducks!