Saturday, 15 October 2011

Craft Soup Zine

I belong to a group on Facebook called Craft Soup* which is chock full of lots of lovely crafty ladies and a couple of crafty men from Yorkshire. Although I live in Lancashire I luckily still qualify! We decided to make a zine to show off our collective talents and the zine is available now. If anyone would like to order a copy then let me know and I can get one for you. I will also be giving away some free with any purchase from my Etsy and Folksy shops! The first one has gone out with an order today and there are only 8 left now!

*If you live in Yorkshire/Lancashire, are on Facebook and would like an invite to the group then do let me know :)


somewhere on the avenue said...

What a lovely idea, but I may not qualify as I live in Lincolnshire, but it is on the borders of Yorkshire!! What do you reckon? You can contact me via my blog xxx

WendyCarole said...

I live in Yorkshire and would love an invite