Monday, 17 October 2011

Flour bags

I grabbed some unused flour bags from the scrap store last week to use as bags at my fairs.

As you can see they are rather large. And please ignore the cheeky model - she was used for scale! They will be used as bags for my quilts as the other bags I use aren't large enough. However, they are rather boring at the moment and I am hoping to jazz them up this week with some fabric offcuts and a whole lot of glue! I also have a fair on Saturday with two more quilts to make as well as other stock so I will be working super hard!


dropstitch said...

Or you could use them for anyone who buys over 100 chickens. There's bound to be someone, I'm sure.

Daisie said...

They're brilliant!! Exciting enough for me, save the scraps :)

Twiggy said...

Wowza they are great, I'd keep my lottie spuds in them !!
Twiggy x