Thursday, 6 October 2011

Creative Space - postage stamps

It's not as boring as it sounds - honest!

These postage stamps are having a bath to separate them from their paper backs - the newer UK stamps are a sod to get off though so I wouldn't bother trying!

Drying stamps - notice how they are all round the edges of the trays and not in the middle. This is because they will stick to the middle when wet (as the glue is still sticky!) and I know this from experience! Once they are dried slightly you can pop them in the middle to continue drying.

Not asleep yet? Good! I will be using these today to make postage stamp Christmas cards which you can see here.

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1 comment:

Sally said...

You must be soooo much more patient than me! The christmas tree card looked fab though! Saw you on Dorothy and Theodore, they are stocking my tooth fairy pillows too!
Sally x